CCRO Conducts First Clinical Trial with Head and Neck Surgery

[Boston, MA][December 18, 2020]Jeremy Richmon, MD is leading a new clinical trial sponsored by Alume, the Center for Clinical Research Operations' (CCRO) first clinical trial with Head and Neck Surgery. The trial involves using a tracer to help identify nerves intraoperatively. This type of cutting edge translational surgical innovation improves outcomes and ultimately the lives of our patients.

The amount of coordination and collaboration that is required across multiple departments for an otolaryngology Phase I/II trial like this is unprecedented for Mass Eye and Ear, and through dedication and perseverance all of the staff involved with the first patient did an outstanding job.

We could not have achieved this without the help of following departments and staff:
  • Brendan McBrine and Iris Wen (CCRO)
  • Kathleen Charbonnier, Kathy Oconnor and Jenn Lilly (Nursing)
  • Christine Finn (Pharmacy)
  • Lisa Bove, Kathleen Melanson and Delia Barry (Clinical Lab)
  • Medical Evaluation Unit
We are optimistic that this may become the standard of care for certain patients requiring nerve monitoring in otolaryngology surgery.

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