Our Technology

Highlighting nerves is a simple process.

administer hnp401

Before Surgery
Patient receives HNP401 through IV 60 minutes before surgery begins. 

StepStepadminister hnp401

During Surgery
Illuminated nerves visible to the surgical team during patient surgery.

StepStepadminister hnp401

After Surgery
HNP401 is cleared through kidneys and gone from body in hours.

Our Human Nerve Peptide (HNP401) is selective for human nerves.

It is based on our Original Nerve Peptide (NP41) which has shown excellent nerve labeling in laboratory rodents. We are currently in the preclinical phase seeking to bring this technology to market, and hope to begin clinical trials with humans within the next 18 months.

Our technology has the potential to improve the outcomes of the over 1.5 million surgeries in the US per year.


cases involving urinary systems per year


cases involving facelift / facial nerve cancer surgeries per year


cases involving ear surgery per year


cases involving thyroid / parathyroid surgeries per year

Other Cases:

Axillary Lymph Node Surgery (breast cancer)
Cervical Neck Dissection (head and neck cancer)
Lateral Approach (spinal surgery)
Repair of Traumatic Nerve Injury

Total: 1.5 Million+

Nerve damage can result in numbness, hoarseness, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, paralysis, and other issues that can have a significant impact on quality of life. Our goal is to bring our technology to market to help improve the lives of our cancer patients post-surgery.

Help us make a difference.