Illuminating nerves - preserving function.
Precision Surgery.
Pictured: A sciatic nerve illuminated during surgery with our nerve-targeting technology.
Nerves are small and easily injured during surgery, leading to chronic pain, numbness, paralysis, and other life-changing issues. Our technology for nerve illumination makes nerves "glow" and easier to see, helping surgeons to preserve them during surgery, and helping patients to have better function afterwards. Learn more »
Preserving function after surgery and beyond

There are over 1.5 million surgical cases per year in the US which carry a potential for nerve injury. Our goal is to address this unmet need and develop our technology for clinical use during surgery so that patients everywhere can benefit.

A collaboration.

Alume Biosciences' scientific founder, Dr. Quyen Nguyen has collaborated with Dr. Roger Tsien (1952-2016) Nobel Laureate Chemistry 2008 to develop multiple technologies to improve the way in which surgeons can better identify tumors and nerves by making them "glow". This research has formed the basis of two start-ups and has earned Dr. Nguyen the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers from President Barack Obama in 2014.
The way forward.

Alume Biosciences is the next progression of this productive collaboration.

The mission of Alume Biosciences is to translate the nerve illumination technology from our laboratory for clinical use during surgery so that patients everywhere can benefit.

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